Saturday, March 19, 2016

Published pictures, unravelling and 227 Red

As published
For the last 2 or three years I've been offering up pictures to the local paper (the Ealing Gazette), it's probably telling me something about the press (as is the profusion of Freebies in London I got NME this week) that I'm now submitting to the third different person - Good luck to Steve Bax who published so many of my pictures and is now moving on.

Anyway it's nice to see another of my photo's in the local paper but again the cropping is I think slightly  detrimental - but there you go (you judge) .

The shed (plot 198)  less cropped


It feels like a real shame that the main UK opposition party (Labour)  is not in a 'better place' as the Conservatives continue to fragment and old wounds open up in front of our eyes - there are some difficulties that could really be used to strengthen the perception of a fairer alternative.

The question is really what IDS will do now freed of collective cabinet responsibility - is he a principled (quiet) man who has been pushed too far or an incompetent about to be revealed as an inadequate head of DWP?

IDS has been shown to be a duplicitous operator before  with questions not completely satisfactorily addressed on his academic career and his expense claiming (how would he judge a benefit claimant who wanted the state to pay for his pants?), he's unlikely to surface as leader of the Right having left as something of a 'bleeding heart' but perhaps he can be part of the 'King making process' when Cameron leaves the stage?

IDS may have done us all a service in bringing (again) to public attention the continued failures of George Osborne  and upsetting David Cameron enough to reveal his own short temper in the customary(but nuanced) 'exchange' of letters.

Interesting times continue.. 

Red 227

It's all about the product..


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