Sunday, March 20, 2016

Self Projection, Dreams and Red 226

The price of everything - is often lower that you might expect!
It includes remote too

I heard recently from a friend who has just got a new TV that weighs in at a massive 65" well by coincidence I've just got myself  an LCD projector (from Ebay - with negotiation too) - my hope was that I'd be able to use it somehow show some photo's in various locations - what's surprised me is that as well as free delivery it's got a built in Digital TV receiver - amazing that for just over £100 am now waiting for the screen I've ordered.

A thought of a dream too


Earlier on in the Philosophy and Psychoanalysis course (at CityLit) much was made of dreams and their link between the Conscious and Unconscious - one of our group even offered up his dreams for consideration.

I often quickly forget my own dreams but I did record the imagery of a recent dream - I don't think Freud would need to work too hard to see what it was about in his school of thought (sex), what was interesting though was the link to work that I've not done for about 20 years - It's all still in there though (the work thoughts).

Red 226

Red of course is the colour for organised Labour in the UK and their associated political representatives.

A political red

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