Monday, March 07, 2016

It's all about the ... Timing.. and Red 239



Psychoanalysis class today was again challenging (more on this later), I'd managed to complete the reading on Lacan and thought I'd got a grip on it (I did at least recognise that this was probably to be disproved).

What we had a the end of the class though was homework, Scott provided a note and also suggested for next week we read as much as we can of Freud's Civilisation and it's Discontents, so I a found a physical book store and bought the book.

The shop was Foyles and I don't think I've visited since it was rebuilt/remodeled, its a nice looking store and great for bibliophiles - managed to get what I want and £10 not too bad - if only I was (quite a bit) younger I think carrying it around on the tube would impress people .
And inside Foyles is nice too


Then back on Central line from Tottenham Court Road - new station looking good although there seems to be less Paolozzi mosaics around than there should be to my mind.

Here's a thing I took 3, very similar  pictures there  and know which I like best - how about you?

Three bears style - too early?

Too late?
For me - just about right
Which do you like best?

Red 239

Let's fill this shop with red things

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