Monday, March 14, 2016

More on Psychoanalysis and Red 232

Spring shadows - what do they hide?
Today was the penultimate day of the Philosophy and Psychoanalysis course at City Lit and what I took from it was again, a view that the 'Science' (as some say it is) feels at times more like a religion/cult headed up  Freud (the elder).

While I can see many things useful in applying some lessons learnt under Psychoanalysis the influence of genes and environment are of course significant.

An idea that came into my mind was how education is used (or at least is part of) creating norms for us to congregate around and bring us a shared identity.

Much was spoken about Frantz Fanon's identity as a Black man in White society and how his own education in the French West Indies had conflicted him but in terms of colonisation many people of Irish extraction could relate similar experiences in their education in England  related to the Republic of Ireland - I think other similar examples exist in other countries too.

Also topics/areas  for me to look at  now include:

Marcel Mauss - The gift a book (which provides insight into obligations associated with Gifts,

Time of the Wolf ( A French Dystopian Film)

Emile Durkheim (A French sociologist).

Red 232

Not always seen in the same sentence but here highlighted in Red

A food that's becoming more celebrated

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