Wednesday, March 23, 2016

London Mayor, Plot 202 and 223 Red

Our Mayoral voting details popped through the letterbox yesterday and it reminded me how disappointing (in different ways) the list of candidates was.

In 2011 there was at least  one  outstanding candidate Siobhan Benita who it seems to me identified some of the big issues facing  London and looked to solve them away from party political lines.

Boris has over the last 4 years done less damage than he might have but his eye has always been on the bigger goal, Livingstone was the archetype political animal.

With the current front runners there is too little in the form of independence (for Labour's Sadiq Khan) and a lack of true grit on the Green Issues (Zac Goldsmith).

If Sadiq distanced himself more openly from his 'official' party line to champion London or if Zac stopped negative campaigning (and produced less election landfill documents) and declared himself an 'Independent'  I could go with either of them as it is I'm going to have to look further down the list.

Plot 202

Great day yesterday and managed to get Garlic planted out - plenty of seeds started indoors and out but need to get focused as we move to the busies time of year for the allotment -eers.

Not looking too bad

Outdoors Broad beans
Indoors - Tomatoes and more

A row of garlic on Plot 202

223 Red

University pennant (or pennon) flags hanging in a row.

Those little Uni' flags

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