Monday, June 08, 2015

The wheelie bin debate (Ealing)

It's fair I think to say that disposing of waste is one of the prime duties of a local council in the UK.
A challenge to have 2 bins here

Local councils have had a prolonged period of squeezing by central government over the last 6 or so years and one of the areas they've re-examined is the collection of domestic refuse, here in my own local borough (Ealing)  plans are afoot to make collections more efficient having recyclable waste collected one week and materials for landfill on the alternate week - this the council say should save £1m per year.

Personally I don't like the large ugly bins that this will necessitate and I'm not alone over 3,000 signatures to  an e-petition and I believe the council needs to debate.

There are arguments for a change and it's true that Wheelie bins are less easy prey to foxes - but they are I think ugly and I would imagine £1m could be saved in other ways.

I've been in touch with Ward Councillors (even meeting one!)  who are aware of disquiet amongst the residents, I've 'Twiitered' (#tjbourne) and I have  used the Ealing Democratic services mailbox with a view to  presenting  a question on when this matter will be debated  by the elected councillors.
This is just one bin

It'd spoil gardens like this one
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