Thursday, June 04, 2015

Battling the wildlife and Tottenham Court area of Oxford Street

Italian variety - do the pigeons like it?
Weather and Pigeons are providing challenges at Plot 202 - despite seeds starting to grow in trays for various vegetables including  Cabbages, Cauliflower they've now fallen prey to wildlife and I'm hoping I'm not too late to get replacements sown (this time in back garden at home).

I have peepers that are about ready for planting out and also put some baby Leeks in the ground yesterday.

Peppers soon to plant

It's great though that the Artichokes (and poppies) are doing well with minimal interventions

Artichoke might have come from another planet?

Poppies?  (well they're not mine)

Tottenham Court area 

The enormous changes that are going on around central London area of Tottenham Court Road continue, what a project - I don't know how much the 'Real Estate' is worth but I reckon it's probably some of the highest per square metres in the world.

Some Pictures:
A new entrance to an old friend

A refurb' of CentrePoint (we hope)

A Crane high above the teeming London street

A new 'Zara' shows a lot of Glass
Who would have thought  expensive plimsolls would be so iconic?
Friends meet - wearing trainers/plimsolls

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