Friday, June 26, 2015

At the Saatchi Gallery

It's always fun to go to one of the Saatchi gallery previews and last night's was up to standard but less crowded than many - as well as Dead: A Celebration of Mortality there were some old favourites.

Very nice to take in what was on offer and a glass of wine too.

Impressive display of blue bags on the ground floor that perhaps said something about pollution.
Bags 97,000 I think it said this was a work by Jean-Francois Bocle

and a chilling one of a suitcase
Rather sadly the Richard Wilson installation which is so bewitching now seems to have gone from display but there are of course other things to take its place.

A worrying image of bodies
Dead did have some stuff that was quite in your face - included some skinned animals and a selection of (not real) corpses.

The classic 'Vermin Death Stack'

by David Falconer ..And the detail's impressive

Reminded me of the  Pink Floyd -
Wish You Were Here
A few books to get through - reminded me of Duane Hanson

It's fair to say some was amusing with a  certain gallows humour

There are bodies everywhere - we'd better get out of here. 


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