Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A busy time for horticulturalists (well this one anyway) and another book finished!

Cage on Soft Fruit bushes (some)
Really admire people with full time job who are able to keep on top of their allotment work at this time of year - I've got a few projects on and must admit that it's a battle to keep things in order on Plot 202.

Cucumber plants doing well

incubating other seedlings

Strawberries under net

I've been particularly  busy with covering soft fruit including strawberries  to protect them from pigeons and other birds also starting other seedlings as a result there earlier appetites.

Poppies (as always) looking dramatic.

And Reading

This guy is helping my reading renaissance

Perhaps one of the reasons I'm getting behind on the weeding watering and digging as renewed reading -Just finished the truly enjoyable Expo 58 by Jonathan Coe  (there's an interview with Mr Coe here)- it's a mixture of things, part spy story, part historic document but very engaging so much that I've now started another of his books - strangely this one, called 'The terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim'  references Ealing quite a bit- and is a more contemporary but seems like another 'page turner' more to follow, from me in terms of a review I'm sure .


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