Monday, June 29, 2015

Morso Framing at the Richmond Location

Only two more weeks of picture framing at the RACC to go and do feel that it's been fun with quite a bit learnt - picture framing is more involved than I realised.
Trimming the hardboard for the back.

As well as the class quite a bit of time has been spent finding images, getting glass cut and buying other odds and ends (which has all been enjoyable). Cutting the back panels (hardboard was actually more involved than I realised too.

Today we met the might Morso Mitring Guillotine  and after being quite scared by what it can do to our fingers we were given the chance to use it- I was a bit surprised that it works by sheer brute force no motors just leverage and sharp blades -apparently you can pick up one of the range second-hand for about £1,000 definitely worth it if you're thinking of running a picture- framing business.
This'll be clipped

In fact I managed to cut the frame for my 'Samaritan phone box'  Photo' and have decided to go with clips for the mounted Callas LP cover.

In Richmond

A classic Theatre design from Frank - Richmond

At the start of the OPEN Ealing 20th Century Design Course Nick mentioned Frank Matcham as a doyen of English theatre design and Richmond has a fine example of his work on the Green.

Just across the Green there was a location shoot going on too, looked like quite a big one with a few trucks and a dog - Richmond Council has a department to look after these shoots  (like Ealing does).

Not sure if the dog is the star of the Richmond shoot


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