Thursday, June 11, 2015

Agnes Martin at Tate Modern and Duke of Edinburgh's Birthday treat

Gavin Turk's Now at Somerset House
On Tuesday after wandering across Somerset House courtyard where I this time actually looked up Gavin Turk's Now I took myself to Tate Modern to see exhibition of Agnes Martin works.
and saw high-level.

Agnes MArtin is not an artist I was really familiar and having learnt a little of her life she does seem something of an enigma,

Martin, a Canadian  had been at the heart of Modern New York art but withdrew from art for a lengthy period on time and settled in New Mexico where she lived to the age of 92.

Two factors that surely influenced Agnes work were that she was interested in Philosophy (the Japanese D T  Suzuki was a figure she was influenced by) and also struggled with her own mental health.

Many of the works on show fit into what might be broadly be described as minimal - another rather great fact ( hope it's true) is that Agnes did not look at a paper for 50 years.

A sign of an Artist who struggled

And Double Mounts at RACC

Another Struggle, It's important to choose the right colours and use finesse

Quite a bit of excitement at Richmond Adult Community College  on Monday as Duke of Edinburgh   was due to ceremonially open the revitalised Arts Block on his 94th birthday and also my own work around double mount in Picture framing course, minor cock-up but happy with overall effect.

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