Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Open Art House and Architecture

Art House is calling
A bit like and hot on the heels of projects like Open House (Architectural) and National Garden Scheme  there's now an opportunity to visit Art Studio's in Richmond - It's called Art House and if the weather cools a little I hope to take a look at some.

It's running for two weekends Friday-Sunday and I missed last weekend.


Architecture (& Design)

Richmond Theatre - Classic
Talking of architecture the OPEN Ealing 20th century design course continues tonight- Course Leader Nick Pearson has spoken before of his aim to encourage people to look at things around them even the seemingly mundane - well Nick mentioned Frank Matcham (he's even got a society named after him) at the start of the course, Frank is responsible for the design of many of  the repertory theatres in the UK including Richmond mentioned yesterday).

Seifert  did Centre Point too

I'm really looking forward to (hopefully) looking at more modern architecture including Brutalism and whatever the school for the building below is.

This was about technology (I think), it's colloquially called Space House  and dates from 1966, the architect was R Seifert and Partners (he did Centre Point too)  it's at 1 Kemble Street  WC1 next to City Lit if you want to take a look (and I personally like it).

I prefer this to Centre Point

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