Monday, June 22, 2015

Not on the High Street (Richmond, London)

One of many niche web retail offerings is 'Not on the High Street' it's just around the corner from the Richmond Adult Community College where I've been battling with Picture Framing.

Not on The High Street, Richmond
Richmond is undoubtedly under the Heathrow flight path and so I suppose it should not be such a surprise to find that  the BA stowaway from South Africa who was hiding amongst the undercarriage bits and pieces and fell to earth landed at the building that 'Not on The High Street' occupies last Thursday.

It does seem an extraordinary event that would be considered too fanciful if it was in a book or film but the stowaway was not alone and was with another person who made it to Heathrow but is now in hospital in a critical condition.

The idea that people should risk their lives by hiding in the inhospitable and frankly dangerous part of a plane  does seem hard to believe but the desperation is evidenced by such events (it's not an isolated attempt)  that many make to reach the relatively comfortable 'West'.
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