Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Framing and Ealings' rubbish petition

4th session at RACC and this Monday felt it like I'd nearly completed one picture frame - it's small, imperfect  and if the cost is calculated it's one of the most expensive frames in in history if I do more the costs will shrink as my outlay begins to look more justified.

It has been remarked that the back looks very nice (which I take as a compliment anyway)
Some are glad to see the back of it ..
And the 'Limed' front too

Next week we're going to be looking at producing double mounts.

And Ealings' Rubbish

Clandestine meetings

Ealing Council (against the wishes of  many residents )  is proposing to change to fortnightly waste collection - to me it seems that the imposition of large Wheelie bins in detrimental to our particular landscape so having asked local Councillors what the game is I now understand  the process of (at least) asking the relevant representative what the game is - and have started this process - hopefully the outcome will be that we at least do not need to have two ugly big bins added to ur dwelling - we'll see.
[ I also find that (as is so often the case) the whole matter of waste  is more complicated than it might first appear.]
Bags or...
Wheelie Bins

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