Friday, June 05, 2015

energy challenges, Coe Book, ValueYou and Well what is 'Luxury'?

Energy Best Deal

It doesn't look complicated to me
I think I've probably mentioned energy companies here more than once and having been involved via CAB with the Energy Best Deal, I feel reasonably comfortable dealing with the transition from one company to another (cheaper) one - well I'm struggling with Scottish Power and Ovo (seems the problem is Scottish).

As things stand though Ovo now have over  £400 of our money and Scottish Power say that they need 10 more days to sort out their part of the problem(?) - Is this UK Energy market operating as it should ? (I think you know the answer I'd give).

Jonathan Coe Book 2

Another book to read
I fairly recently mentioned I was reading a novel by Jonathan Coe (The Rain Before it Falls)  the book's about all sorts of things including I beleive how we replicate our own imperfections across the generations, the good news is I finished it and it was very good, so good that I've borrowed another - this one's called Expo '58 and I'll report back on it.


Not so long ago I mentioned an initiative to reward those who volunteer, well just got my ValueYou card and details of how to use it and claim a gift - great stuff hope the use promoted altruistic behaviour (if that's not counter intuitive).


One perspective from the V&A

Looking back over  recent tweets  I've tweeted (I'm now reaching the dizzying 50 followers on Twitter I'm #tjbourne) I notice that quite a number of these tweets relate to 'Luxury' - with V&A asking What is Luxury and Patek Philipe exhibition giving a very clear picture of what  it is in material terms.
The Luxury Patek Philippe Café  at Saatchi Gallery

Well to me it can be that Luxury as a way of life is not necessarily liberating but can become very limiting and our efforts to attain material luxury become excessively time consuming and sap our energy.

Luxury -Really?

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