Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ealing Council questions on Wheelie Bins

Yesterday evening I took my opportunity to ask a question at Ealing council meeting, more formal than I had anticipated, being introduced to the Lady Mayor and being accompanied into the hall.
The Lady Mayor's rather large office - Ealing Town Hall

My question was the second one and first question dealt with the poor performance around calls regarding Council services and when this might be addressed.

I then asked the following  question of Councillor Mahfouz who is the cabinet member responsible for Environment .


“Following  the public  petition  with 3,000 plus signatures regarding dissatisfaction with changes to Ealing’s refuse and recycling scheme I would like to know when a full debate around the changes proposed will be held? “

A date was duly supplied, I then asked a supplementary  which was

Can councillor Mahfouz progress with the contractors, Amey methods that those residents who would prefer not to have the two large wheelie bins can be accommodated?’

Unfortunately I felt that the supplementary was not fully answered councillor Mahfouz had  no indication ahead of its contents and I was unable to follow up which seems a slight deficiency in the procedure - the Councillor replied about the Survey which is being carried which I believe addresses practicalities rather than residents desires. As I'm not satisfied with the answer I have e-mailed councillor Mahfouz explaining the possible confusion. 
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From people I speak to it seems there are already a number of 'exceptions and I hope that this flexibility can be further extended, I do not believe a profusion of large bins  makes for a pleasant borough.
I would recommend that if you have an issue you think needs raising with the council you take advantage of the process.
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