Friday, June 19, 2015

Design Museum exhibition and peripheral facts

At the Design Museum earlier in the week and greatly enjoyed the  new-ish Life on Foot which examines modern footwear mainly from a Camper (brand) point of view.
Big Bold and Spanish- (ish)

In a way what is interesting  here is the stuff that only just gets in -like the fact that manufacturing is outsourced (to the far east), this is quite marginalised even in films showing production but it does make the idea of the shoes as Spanish a little  problematic (to me) - but it's the same deal as Dyson vacuum cleaners - but the spin is better used by Sir James?

Quirky footwear on show.

Away from the use of cheaper labour - I was also intrigued to know that the brand (Camper) is now stretched to a hotel chain - who would have seen that?

In fact what surprised exposed in  a couple of pictures was recent history reflecting modern UK life.

The  Zebra crossing was introduced in the UK in 1951  as was too the first pedestrian  precinct (although I feel this is slightly more contentious)  - that really doesn't seem that long ago and for me is  one to file along with The Times only starting to have  front page 'News' in 1966 .
And precincts too

1951 new fangled crossings arrive

Wow! That's colourful and not 1951

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