Wednesday, June 24, 2015

'The Terrible Privacy'... Lunch & The Arts

I've got to hand it to Jonathan Coe - reading his books is a really good experience for  me, I've just completed 'The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim' and found it a very worthwhile endeavour - it's my third novel read by this author in a relatively short time and I'm hoping that I'm now prepared to  investigate another writer.

Coe like many artists seems to set himself a 'challenge' with each new book be it to write from a woman's point of view or too use a Belgian historic festival as a setting (Expo 58)

On the subject of this book, it turns out to be a touch 'Post- Modern' in that as well as being a novel it is also; unobtrusively a book about constructing a novel , I would say it could potentially be a great TV series, it wouldn't be too expensive to produce and could easily be sold to Australia too.

A sand sculpture being put together  not far from Holborn Station
Tuesdays I generally enjoy an artistic exhibition or two but as I was meeting a friend for lunch this particular distraction was somewhat curtailed and was made  local to Holborn.

Perhaps just a nod to space by David Moore
In fact I took in a quick visit to The University of The Arts in London at their Showroom 272 High Holborn- the subject given was Aether broadly Space and Cosmology - the work that stood out to me though was I would say earthbound with only a tangential nod to worlds beyond and was  by Photography Course Leader David Moore - I liked the neon sign in the window too.

At the window

In fact yesterday's pleasant lunch chat (at one of Central London's Cote Bistros) with a cohort friend from Horticultural college  brought some things into focus for me  (I can't speak for Gerry)
Cóte seeks to emulate the French Bistro experience

What I need to acknowledge is 'baggage' be it experiences, errors or previous family tensions -often we can see how others have become what they are but choose not to look too closely at our own paths - I suppose that this in a way when we do this we can at last get on with things.

A big hole to fill in or just roadworks

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