Saturday, June 27, 2015

Structuralism -Claude Levi-Strauss, The Raw and The Cooked

This week in Philosophy of 20th Century  we strayed into an area which I think is almost as much Anthropology  as it is Philosophy and all though it offered (for me) an initial surge of enlightenment this was soon replaced with the standard issues that have been re formulated in a number of ways.
Raw from Plot 202

There was also a flash (or two) of recognition as I was re-introduced to Semiotics (which is pretty much all about signs and language)  from a slightly different path, I'd met (in an academic sort/study  way) some of the protagonists - like Roland Barthes when I'd had a fleeting introduction to Semiotics during my MA studies (Mass Communications at Leicester University) - it had been beguiling then and to an extent ties in with Freud and (I would say) determinism.

The other connection  (which in a way I like more) is a convoluted link to Roland Gift  the former Fine Young Cannibals frontman who I saw a couple of years back at  a 'Kew the Music' concert. Well the Fine Young Cannibals had a short, two album career and the second album was  named 'The Raw and The Cooked' which describes one of those triangles beloved of Claude - this one a culinary triangle -great  what an education can do for you.
Well we'll be looking more at Structuralism next week (at City Lit)

But so what ? Well we can see some interest in the idea that there is within us some standard items which are identifiable across cultures - perhaps they are put there by a higher being - but in a way so what if they are it leans towards determinism if not?
The wheel might not have come off but it's hardly fit for purpose

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