Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ealing Centre and Sky shows Vivian Maier film

Yesterday I popped into Ealing and as is the case these days I had as usual a camera with me - I like this image- it suggested the Family Public Sculpture in the Ealing Broadway Centre was being held hostage.
Normal life continues despite family being held hostage 

One of the inspirations for me to take 'everyday' photographs on a regular basis is undoubtedly the story of Vivian Maier who was featured in a fairly recent BBC programme (actually nearly a year ago) in the 'Imagine' thread, this led to further research and I also learnt of the admiration that other working photographers have for her.
Yesterday Sky TV in the UK screened Finding Vivian Maier and it is along with Mad Men one of the few programmes that make a  pay Subscription to the service almost worthwhile.

Perhaps in some way connected I received by e-mail a link to Artsy's Vivian Maier page which I'm delighted to share and is certainly worth a look - what I do find staggering is the sheer volume of pictures that the slightly mysterious woman took in this pre-digital age (around 100,000 images have so far been discovered ) .

And here's a picture of a more contemporary Public Sculpture in Ealing's Walpole Park - it's called Cedrus Maximus and is by Karen Tang.

Cedrus Maximus by Karen Tang - is it a tree mummy?

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