Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ealing for Location shoots and Kingston for Street performers

Good to see?
I don't know if you've spotted those little luminous  arrows on lampposts with the suffix Loc?

It's a sign and a location

Well in Ealing over the last few months I've seen about half a dozen or so of them and they're actually bits of the borough that are being used as locations for filmmakers/TV productions.

[There's an office in the Council that looks after it if you want to user Ealing]

'It's a wrap' last night  at Sherwood Close, West Ealing

And here's a local pub (below) that I've seen being used a couple of times.

I suppose it causes some minor disruption but I presume there's some money changing hands too and it adds a bit of interest to the area - last night followed the arrows to this back street in West Ealing - doesn't look like it'll be a Hollywood Blockbuster but you never know.

Kingston for Performers

I'm not the world's best shopper but I do like Kingston, London as place to buy and 'potter'- my favourite shop there , currently and undoubtedly Clas Ohlson (all the electrical, and DIY bits I love) but there are some other good places around the town , Art Shops, cafés and a real open air market.

Another thing that distinguishes Kingston  is the Buskers/Street Performers - in some places they could be intrusive but in my experience, here they add local colour and are varied - this weekend there were a couple of guys playing percussion on some household items as well as along the road some more conventional singers - perhaps other London boroughs could follow suit on the policing of this?

Beat It - no only kidding you're really good.
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