Saturday, June 20, 2015

Fun in vehicles

Courgette flower
On Friday I washed my car, I don't know when I last did this, of late my annual service included a car wash- this time though, in December it didn't happen  so I got round to it 6 months later and strangely enjoyed the endeavour  too.

There's something about cars and particularly the utilitarian aspect that provides me with a distinct pleasure - from my teenage years I recall school-friend Jon Holles's father's estate car and it being  loaded with timber .

I think it was 1976 that we had the really dry hot summer in the UK  and I was working at TPI (Technical Panel Industries) - it sounds almost  James Bond-ish, (actually TPI made  Plywood & Resin composite panels for lorries and trucks).
Stuff to plant

Anyway I used to get a lift home from the factory with one of the guys who also worked there - I can't recall his name but as well as working at TPI he ran a market garden enterprise - it used to be quite cooling to travel in his van with the door held open (with a rope?)

Sadly I think he had a minor stroke while I was working there but today as I loaded my car with things to take to the allotment I was reminded of him and the pleasure of labour, camaraderie  and a cash pay packet.

I also cast my mind back about 13 years to riding in the back of an open truck in Trinidad  off to the Rum bars which was also pleasant.

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