Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Joys of tweeting and Public Photo's

I'm not sure exactly how this tweeting stuff works even though I'm sending a few photographic tweets out there .
Someone says an example of 'a good eye'

What I will say is that  it felt good to be told (not sure by whom) that one one picture  'Well Done, you have a good eye'  and also find that another image has been re-tweeted.

Taking Public Photo's

One of the big topics on the Business of photography course   I recently attended   at CityLit  was taking photo's in public, there are  always issues around pictures that include children but I hope the one below is not controversial.

I recall when I first started taking photo's their was (in the UK) no issue but I think at this time I was really only aware of taking photo's of people in the family or those who wanted a photo taken.

Later on traveling to other countries and experiencing other cultures I was slightly bemused by the idea that permission should be sought from 'the public' and that some people thought that a picture would 'capture their soul' (perhaps it does?)

Now I suppose we've nearly gone full circle although it's legal and legitimate to take pictures in most public spaces there are clearly 'good practices' that should be observed - as Grant though pointed out there does seem to be a different set of rules for children in Gaza as opposed to those outside a local school in England.

The lines are of course blurred (as Robin Thicke would say) with the widespread use of Camera-phones and Tablets to capture some  pretty high quality (in terms of  pixels)  images and the rise of the 'Glass-holes'.

Warning - A Public occasion -may include children

Where's the wedding Planner when you need 'em  (and the Photographer too)

 Well done! You've got a good eye.

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