Thursday, August 21, 2014

More picking and we are/are we what we eat and drink?

Well I 'm busy picking and reports from third parties are that the  Sweetcorn is good  I was also was told that the Aubergines are nice so am planning to try these very soon.
Rich pickings on Wednesday
Well Laden with Plums

I need to pick apples soon am less sure of Pears which don't look great.

I picked and cooked a dozen or so plums yesterday (the tree, a Victoria variety  was planted in January 2012) and had some with custard (it seemed right as opposed to Yogurt, Cream or Ice-Cream) they were nice and  there are quite a few left so as they say happy days.

Doctors can advise but our diets are for us to choose

I suppose there's a common tendency by people to measure life by it's duration and a common preoccupation (shared by me) is a concern for diet - well (like almost everyone else I think) I'm confused and not sure of the best strategy.

There's an eminently reasonable Doctor bloke (Dr Michael Mosley - Should I eat Meat?) with a series on the BBC and what I've got from him is don't eat processed meat, moderate your red meat and that seems okay (ish).

Having seen that I thought well aren't the Japanese and Mediterranean diets meant to be the healthiest and I'd reckon they might go for hams and the like.
Not those Doctors silly

Then this morning I was reading a piece about drinking - a journalist had stopped drinking for 2 months (on a vague medical suggestion from his doctor) - well he seemed to reckon he felt worse and  no real improvement on his health - but he did reckon he'd reduce from now on.

Well I suppose my take on this is that it seems to be commonly agreed that Smoking is bad for you as is being overweight, over reliance on drink/drugs is not good but we should perhaps concern ourselves (mainly) with our lives and not over think everything particularly with respect to diets, some people are inclined to addictive behaviour and need help others of us might be lucky enough to be in a position to take appropriate steps to regulate our food intake in a non-extreme manner.

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