Saturday, August 23, 2014

Riverside Hammersmith gets poignant and reflecting on a revisit

No longer around
I was in Hammersmith yesterday and rather liked the film tribute that the Riverside Studios gently played to a couple of film stars (Robin W and Lauren B) that have recently departed.

Also on display there a was an understated history of the site/studios in photographic form from its industrial past through its film studio and BBC days to the present day where it finds itself filling a number of purposes including an on-line virtual venue (it did this for David Bowie a few years back).

When I headed back to the station in Hammersmith  I took a photo of a modern office block where a church  was clearly reflected in it - I'd like to try and capture this more effectively but getting the sun and position  might not be as easy as I might hope.
I'd like to try this one again and better capture the church reflection

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