Friday, August 29, 2014

Out and about in Ealing

Well Ealing retail continues to focus on restaurants and the like near the Town Hall there's a dedicated Gelato  outlet and near Ealing Broadway station an 'Afters' is soon to open presumably with the aim to further undermine our health.

Will they do coffee too? (yes of course)
The new eateries either side of Wagamama's are progressing apace,  it looks like this one will beat Turtle Bay (where the Post Office used to be) but not sure if there's a first mover advantage to be had.
Goodness it's not a coffee shop 

Traffic in the Broadway nearly back to normal and  I know it's not universally liked but I still think it's a nice looking renovation (The Arcadia centre that is).
I still like it.

Photographer - Alex Arnaoudov

Some nicely presented  Photographs at For Art's Sake in Bond Street by Bulgarian guy Alex Arnaoudov.

Those on display in the window include Ealing scenes - I'm not sure how much he will get per sale but for £100 or so the nicely framed pictures don't seem outrageous to me.

He's the guy with the camera

And an example of his work.

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