Tuesday, August 05, 2014

More on the CityLit 'Business of Photgraphy'' and my first photo invoice - Youtube on NOW TV Box

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Well week 2 of the Business of Photography course run by CityLit and if anything even better than the first excellent session - For me the course and our course leader have already provided me with the impetus to invoice for a photograph that has appeared in the press so I'm very positive about the experience.
The Big Story Photo

(As The Ealing Gazette had re-used my Picture of the Week of May to go with the update on the Cinema redevelopment story that continues to rumble on with little progress ).

What I will say (and it's probably true of other similar 'trades') is that the business is in a way more important than the particular skill - Let's consider the example of Artists and Van Gogh:

Was he a successful artist - well no he sold only one picture (I think) in his life - not great but now he is viewed as a great artist.
Just up on the right..

So what we expect next week is to learn or at least understand some of the issues of branding, marketing and networking.

Grant this week spoke this about the importance of Social Media (Twitter for example) and publicizing ones work with what might be described as 'Loss Leaders'

In fact a lot of ground covered and we (the students) now have a realisation of some of the complexities of Copyright and the photographing of minors - a difficult issue now as a result of  the worries many parents have.

Another topic that fell under the spotlight was photographing the public and public space this was a subject particularly close to our course leader grant Smith - it seems that many Security guards are far from knowledgeable about the limits of their powers to prohibit photography -Grant showed the class a video that he had participated in challenging the  ignorance.
Here it is (and quite amusing in places too)...

Youtube on the Now TV Box

I'm not on a commission but the sub £10 YOU TV Box gets better and better it now has the capacity to provide Youtube on your front room telly.

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