Friday, August 15, 2014

Feast not Famine on Plot 202

Well like almost all hobbies horticulture can mean spending (some) money but as many buyers are so influenced by the weather if you choose the right time of year there are bargains to be had.

Yesterday we went to nearby Osterley Garden Centre and as well as half price seeds (miniature Sweetcorn, mini  Cucumbers and decorative Chillies) we got a half price Polythene grow tunnel.
A place for everything
Puncture repairman to the rescue.

In fact it's just about a year since I got (a very nice) wheelbarrow but I've had to replace the inner tube as it (somehow) became punctured - I was luck and had very good service in finding a suitable inner tube with a 45 degree valve .

At least 3 types

Well in fact what I'm doing most now is picking things and harvesting - today 3 different types of potatoes, Swift (white early), Desiree (red)  and some little black-ish ones that were self setters.
One of several

I reckon Prince would love the Plums (quite Purple and nearly ready) I also picked a Cabbage and the Pumpkins are beginning to look intimidating too.

Cabbages fit for  Kings
Prince would love the plums

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