Thursday, August 14, 2014

Local TV a Broadcasting wet squib? New Lords Whip and Tomatoes start

British TV has developed rapidly since the de/re regulation of the Thatcher Years and along the way there has been a distinct move to bigger and less local services as a reaction to this the last but one Culture secretary's Big Idea was Local/City TV.

Why did James Hunt think it'd work? Well it has in some countries, in Canada for example it  has flourished but let's look at what I (and perhaps others) want from Local TV - basically I want immediate news that's local and specific to me, I don't want the 23rd opportunity to see Peep Show or Coupling.

What do I get, some local (from often London's centre) news and a mixture of programmes, some with a vague London connection and reruns - why would I change my viewing habits for this?
If there's a big London story it'll be on (at least) one of the 24 hour news channels and there's 'catch up' and dedicated channels where I can see Peep Show.

Local news is better served by sites like (for me) Get West London News or twitter.

So this sounds bleak-ish for Local TV in London (London Live) with a fairly big budget and the advantage  of being part of The Evening Standard organisation - imagine what it's like in the smaller franchises  - well you don't need to Birmingham TV has gone bust without even making it to air.

What I see to be the only workable (commercially) arrangement is the STV one running North of the Border - perhaps DCMS should look again?
[There's a nice consideration of the issue by John Myers here]

A new Lords Whip -Lord Bourne
Westminster -UK Government 

Amazing that it's only about a year since Nick's appointment to 'The Lords was made - great that he's already making a move up and has a new role in the Lords as Whip announced this week-well done Nick.

{Whips in the Lords have a slightly different job than in the Commons where they're mainly meant to keep the party MPs in line with the government]

 Oh dear- now it's the 'Tomatoes'.

A Lucky fall?

Well the weather must have been worse than I realised, some damage to a tree and a Sweetcorn plant (we've started eating these and they're good).
Fortunately the tree/branch only took off a few plums it could have been a whole lot worse and after 30 minutes or so of rapid sawing I'd managed to clear the bits away.

The wind caused no damage to the tomatoes and it looks like there'll be quite a few from now on -also some aubergines (small ones though) are now appearing.
Nice little 'Toms'

An even cuter Aubergine

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