Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ealing going underground -Deep Down You Need Real Specialists

Going underground- Mountfield Road Ealing
While much of the housing stock in Ealing is pre-1950's with well sized rooms modern living styles mean that there's a demand for extra space as home-office, playrooms  and open planned living.

Many homeowners (including us) have extended up into their lofts or added kitchen extensions but now another way  of getting a bit more room seems to be getting mainstream - it's digging down and as this company points out 'Deep Down, You Know You Need real Specialists'.

There are snags of course but if it's practical the benefits of extra space are difficult to argue and London Basements are the contractors who seem to be working hard to minimise disruption in the neighbourhood .

More Ealing Down Under

For more than 3 years the premises that had been a showroom/home to Dolphin Bathrooms and Moben Kitchens (I think) between the Oxfam shop and Bill's on the New Broadway has been without a tenant but evidence emerges of a new business somehow connected with Australia...
Can it be anything but a bar?

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