Saturday, August 16, 2014

Open your diary for the architectural open days and Ealing Morrison's improves things (I reckon)

Open House London

A great chance

Next Month we all get a chance to visit buildings that are generally out of bounds - there's quite a list which I won't go into but here's the link and the dates are September 20th and 21st.

And here's a Telegraph article about it.

 Ealing Arcadia-  Two point Zero

Okay well if you didn't get my earlier tweet here's another view of what will be the new Morrison's in Ealing (yes I'm tweeting a few photos so do follow me tjbourne).

Well I'm glad to see that the new Morrison's in Ealing is not going too be too much of an eyesore- the screens have come down (thank you nurse) and all is revealed.

Almost worth the wait.
 It's also good to see that the Australian establishment next to Bill's on New Broadway is keeping our interest engaged with  a message close to our hearts it's due to open in a week or so-  hope they have some more 'dry' comments before then.
Fag ash Lil waits patiently.

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