Monday, August 11, 2014

Chariot Festival in Ealing and Photo's from other devices

At the weekend there was a Chariot procession and holy day around the area of the Sri Kanaga Thurkai Amman Temple in Chapel Road West Ealing.

The streets get congested but it's only once a year and it's colourful  celebration - you can see a post here about the event in 2011 and the photo below shows the temple and what they carry.

The temple on Monday morning

A slightly unusual angled photo of the street. 

Other Devices

It is very easy to always rely on certain  devices for capturing images and   forget the great picture opportunities you might come across when you haven't got your camera with you (or perhaps not got  the inclination to use it).

I'm not saying this is great picture but the image quality is better than you might expect from a tablet (Blackberry playbook) - it was taken early evening on Saturday and the sky before the rain, with  a low sun provides unusual lighting.

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