Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Last Session of CityLit 'The business of photography' and Hard Rain's a Gonna Fall (in Ealing)

So yesterday was the final session of the Grant Smith led 'The business of photography' a short course but absolutely packed with good stuff. (See what  I said about session 1 and session 2)

Grant really had the experience to bring the course to life and the candor he showed in relating his own personal real life stories made  those telling points hit home.

What was good yesterday was to hear the contribution from my class-mates on what they had done and what they see as the way forward, we had people who were working successfully (and ethically) in the field, people with an 'artists' eye, writers and travelers  and a chancer (me).
A place to learn

Grant spoke about the possible revenue streams from on-line agencies to the 'Art' market, thew importance of the pitch and consistent branding. What I've come to recognise is that Photography is a very competitive business and that although there are opportunities they are not for 'shrinking violets' - you really need to work at it to be solvent but there can be satisfaction and fulfillment in your 'work' .

Next step is promoting my services for London Photo's - Stay tuned.

Hard rain's a Gonna Fall

I like the Bryan Ferry interpretation of the Dylan song  and it felt that way as I headed for Ealing Broadway Station yesterday - many pictures taken but that doesn't mean they were able to capture the feeling -this came closest to what I wanted.

Not just a shower

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