Monday, August 04, 2014

Staining Glass and visiting the V&A

My first recalled experience of church is my Baptism/Christening, I'm not fully aware of  all the reasons why this happened when I was 3  which was an  age, that compared  to my contemporaries was a  relatively  late one (I think partly because of getting relatives together in Leicester ).
So much to see

Well I was (for good ro bad) brought up as a 'Christian' in the Church of England and went to Sunday school until I was about 10 and in my life have visited many churches (and other places of worship) mainly in a touristic manner as opposed to the actual religious services.

Of late on looking around churches I've taken more of an interest in the Stained Glass windows and as CityLit was running a one day  course on Stained Glass at the relatively local Victoria and Albert Museum I decided to go along and find out more.
Not perhaps what you'd expect at The V&A

Well the first thing to note was that as I White Middle aged man I'm unused to being in a minority (here of one) when participating in these sorts of things  and this particular day was an unusual experience for me being that minority- Men do not really participate in these sorts of course it seems (not really sure why as it's hardly 'dress making 'is it?)
The second thing (which I'd forgotten) is how impressive the V&A is - one  very full day of Stained Glass alone and so much more to see on so many topics  (including the rather excellent looking Disobedient Objects) .

The tour and explanations I found and I use the word advisedly 'illuminating' - there is of a course a whole  vocabulary around the craft and the skills of the artisans involved in the construction of stained glass windows and there are also  conventions around things like the colours and symbols used (as in religious art).
(e.g. White equals purity).
Doesn't have to be about God.

One of the things I realised from my day of stained glass is how ignorant I am of biblical stories (which is a gap even disregarding my own 'faith' views).

I do though' having spent this day have a rudimentary understanding of the purpose and practicalities around stained glass as well as a desire to know more  -which is to my mind not a bad thing.

Not a window
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