Saturday, August 30, 2014

Regent's Park Open Air Theatre - To Kill a Mockingbird and demolition in West Ealing

Well to 'Kill a Mockingbird' if you're like me you've heard of the story (by Harper Lee) and perhaps caught some of the film on TV at some time (I don't think I've seen it but know that Gregory Peck is the lead).
It's inspirational

Well here's some news for you, the 'Story' is powerful, perhaps and even maybe hopefully a little dated but it's certainly  worth experiencing in some form.

Yesterday evening we had the  pleasure of seeing it at Regent's Park Open-Air Theatre - the rain kept off and I remained awake (surely the ultimate accolade for the production).

Although a little wary at the start of the overtly theatrical commencement and the minimalist staging, I was drawn in and felt the injustice and the heroism of Atticus Finch - strange to think that Harper Lee in these celebrity besotted days  has remained something of both an inspiration and an enigma through her single book literary career.

The production in fact worked well and my early fears were groundless, action words (and music) all integrated well and characterisation although in some places a little 2 dimensional was good.

His Lordship's kindness
I heard other audience members talking about the book as a set text when they were at School - seems such things are not necessarily endorsed by educationalists at this time if they were I reckon it would be a good book for a school to look at

Anyway many thanks Nick for the treat!

Old flats in West Ealing make way for the new.

I've noted before that West Ealing is improving and more evidence yesterday as demolition of part of the unloved Green Man estate - proceeded, this seems to be straightforward work -in the video  note the water being used to keep dust down.
Was someone's home recently

Let's hope the replacement looks and works better than these discredited designs.

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