Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Remember the days of the old school yard - tree planting in 2007/8

In what feels like a past life I spent time learning a bit about horticulture (in fact I attained a triple distinction BTEC in Horticulture in 2009 from Capel Manor Gunnersbury).

Amongst the many practical things we did were a couple of planting projects at a local ( Primary) Ealing school yesterday I passed near the school and took a quick look.
The front of the school now with grass, shrubs and tree

The school looks good and is expanding as more children come of school age in Ealing.
When we did our tree planting we were given complimentary school lunch which was actually quite  nice and odd to have chairs and dishes in miniature.

Because we were actually doing some manual tasks some of the kids at the school presumed that we were Polish which must say something I suppose.
Back in 2008 with Neeth

Planning is everything (2007/8)

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