Monday, August 18, 2014

Compost hits new highs and old Ealing restaurants

On Sunday I took a break from picking to turn over my compost and add to the area.
Compost city on Plot 202

I hope that this will be sufficient to create a steady flow of compost provides the necessary space.

Allotment compost is potentially a rich soil conditioner but can lack some of the varieties of materials that one adds to a 'backyard' mixture which gets the coffee grounds tea bags and vacuum cleaner dust.

On moving around the compost from what were over full containers I was pleasantly surprised by the state of the mixture - here's a good site on composting for the allotment.

Eateries come and go 

Last week we had a celebratory meal (Birthday) at Charlotte's Place just off Ealing Common it's my current favourite local eatery for such occasions but it reminded me of what was for quite a few years a really enjoyable place Noughts and Crosses run By Jurgen and Anthony who then went on to open a splendid small hotel in Dorset Called The Old Vicarage.

In fact an episode of Only Fools and Horses featured the restaurant and I recall  the mural that was there with a slightly sinister cat.

After they left Ealing the restaurant became The Grove (nothing like as good in my opinion).

I think Anthony and Jurgen left the UK a few years back for another project - anyway here's what used to be their Ealing restaurant now a housing agency of some sort..

We had some great times at Noughts and Crosses 

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