Thursday, October 01, 2015

New exhibitions at Serpentine Galleries (part 1)

Yesterday evening went along to previews for the two new shows that opened today.
It's some time since the last previews there and we're now at the time of the year where dusk is falling quite quickly about 7:00 pm but it was still just about light when I arrived at the main gallery to see Jimmie Durham's: Various Items and Complaints in fact Jimmie was making a reading outside once I'd negotiated the entrance.

Jimmie after his reading
I didn't hang around outside as I was keen to get a look at the show before the assembled throng dispersed but I did find that Jimmie (not sure why it's not a 'y') has got one of those relaxing American drawls that presents poetry so well and he was later glad handing various people in the gallery.
Saying something?

What I liked about this particular show was the variety - this gentleman has done a lot of different things some playful and some that makes you think  -Well done  to the somewhat enigmatic (to me)Mr Durham.

It got me
Silicon based

Certainly colourful
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