Monday, October 19, 2015

More Ealing changes (retail)

It's never good to be in times or a place where there's no change and although we lose businesses who've earned our trust it's nice to see the hungry new kids on the block slugging it out for our custom and offering something new, better and innovative.
A Chooks shout out





Now open and a great 1st week offer (50% off)

This week sees the start of Chooks Ealing - it's a restaurant where the emphasis is on chicken and I expect the 50% reduction on food for this  week that they're kicking it off with (until Sunday 25th) will mean that they'll have a number of the curious (including yours truly) sampling their wares.

I'm not sure the exact special recipe/style on offer but for me the challenge is  being better/as good as Nando's which is one of (my many) guilty fast food pleasures.

Choice is a good thing but they need to realise too that the Pizza on the Green premises they're trading from had a great story in service and food and they'll need  to live up to this- anyway good luck 'Chooks' (as 'our Cilla' might have said) and I'll share more when we've been there.


Wherever you live there's generally a shop or two you think would improve the facilities -there was until recently a lack of shops that straddle 'techie' and DIY

Prior to Ealing having a Maplin's I used to like to go to Harrow to visit the  Maplin's there and in Kingston I love(d) to look around (and sometimes even purchase) at Clas Ohlson.

Well the good news is that this, one of my favourite shops that Ealing currently lacks is having a shop open in  the Ealing Broadway Centre.

Just past the Primark work has started on the store and the worry I have is  is that it might not have as much stock/size as the Kingston one does - we'll see.
No it's not 'Modern Art' but the retail units that will soon  be Clas Ohlson in Ealing

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