Monday, October 12, 2015

Handmade at Kew

Perhaps it was a sign
On Saturday we visited Kew Gardens- it's quite some since we'd been there and it is always changing.

The seasons mean that even if things don't change they change the way they look and as we move into autumn the colours of the trees are quite something even if many of the beds are now empty.

We didn't know it when we decided  to visit was that there was also a craft fair 'Handmade at Kew' for the weekend - it was £8 entrance each for Friends of Kew which is a fair amount but on balance just about worth it.

Part of a  group of 'Alice' sculptures

What was nice about the exhibitors is how happy they were to talk about and explain what they do - liked Geckoman a business that was run by a guy who at first studied biology but moved first into ceramics and the worked in bronze.
Some examples of Gavin's work

Anna Glasbrook had some lovely light boxes and was developing a sideline in unusual openings for events (as alternatives to the traditional ribbon and scissor), there was some fantastic furniture too and the individual items made by Jonathan Pearce  and also Gavin Robertson were almost beyond words.

I really liked the wirework that  Helaina Sharpley's  had  on show (and sale) too this 'Big Ben' caught my eye and if I had some cash to spare I reckon it'd make a nice present

A Big Ben of wire
This by Rebecca Joselyn

Just launched , Paperize - it's amazingly made of paper

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