Monday, October 26, 2015

Back from the (Oxford) break and changing the clocks

Well we had a long w/e away in Oxford and the first thing to be reminded of as we came through the front  door at home was the myriad of devices and clocks that still need a manual intervention twice a year to handle the vagaries of so-called Daylight Saving time.
Oxford Railway Station concourse

It was nice not to worry about it at the w/e but I expect I'll still be finding odd things that have to be clocked for a few days to come but mainly completed now.

Oxford is a lovely city and it's  over 8 years since our last visit so we were reminded that there's really so much to see and do (more on that later) the  downside is that we weren't the only tourists there (but it would be unreasonable to deny the pleasures to others).

Hotel The Oxford Spires that we stayed as was about 15 minutes or so from city centre very accessible too the river and bus which was great if we'd got bored a very impressive health club on the premises too.

The staff very charming and generally welcoming, but reception on arrival not busy but did not make us feel as important was we'd have liked (or are).
Hotel -A nice rural setting and only 15 minutes walk to city

Guests and staff from many countries were  represented and this again reminded me of how important our generally (at present) porous borders work for us.

Quite a treat to be able to select from a selection of naughty things at breakfast - 3 days of this probably about right.

Also we're now enjoying UK City breaks that we take  by using the  rail travel option- if the station and hotel are both well located it increases the enjoyment and lessens the stress (just about okay in this case).
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