Thursday, October 22, 2015

Another two off Life on Foot Tours - and Now you see it

Not a very busy day at 'Life on Foot' HQ in Design Museum
Yesterday at Design Museum to conduct 'Volunteer led' tours of Life on Foot Exhibition - it's coming to an end this month but will be replaced by an exhibition about cycling called Cycle Revolution which I expect will  be informative and fun.

As I arrived did see notices that filming was taking place and sure enough in the evening News on ITV the premises cropped up on the Back to the Future day story.

My visitors yesterday were small in number but very engaged in the topic, a couple of 'Anglophiles' from Washington (USA) and three Netherlanders with absolutely great command of English Language  - still finding out more about Walking and also Camper footwear- and am seeing quite a bit of interest on the Wabi shoes a sort of pre-cursor to the Croc translation (from Japanese word "Wabiru”) is “to ask for forgiveness .

What I like to call 'the Nib'

Ealing's own Tower block now emerging from cladding and scaffolding a charcoal grey and glass predominate, it  looks different at least just hope it ages well and is maintained

and I'd say this is 'the  profile'

I'd call this the 'Front'

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