Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Martian (film)- Science as a hero and The Ashmolean

Having mentioned Science yesterday it's nice to keep that theme going a bit because unusually there's a film out there where the hero is pretty much a scientist.
Oxford's Odeon Cinema

Saturday wasn't a great day for outdoor sightseeing in Oxford and we took the opportunity to go and see a film at the Odeon - the film was The Martian and it was great - Matt Damion generally something of a guarantee of a film being pretty much watchable and this certainly managed that.

I wouldn't describe the film as principally being a Sci-Fi film but the story is certainly feel-good  and despite being long-ish and feeling that some elements were not fully resolved I'd recommend it.

I don't know if the US potato marketing board is involved but the allotment plot holder in me rejoiced at his success in growing spuds on Mars!


The Ashmolean

Also on Saturday we had a visit to the oldest university museum, The Ashmolean (dating from Elias Ashmole's bequest in 1677).

A work by Taiwanese artist Ju Ming
I was amazed at both the quality and quantity of world class paintings on show as well as the galleries being relatively uncrowded   it's another place you can get up close and personal to the works which I like.

 Outside a Moore Sculpture at the entrance and

Quite a  fantastic selection of Dutch still life, splendid Rococo I also loved the Hogarth 'Enraged Musician' and Tintoretto Behold the Man (along with seeing Extreme Unction by Poussin) some nice earlier Canaletto's too and (as mentioned yesterday) my favourite enlightenment artist Wright of Derby had a lesser known work (by me anyway) on show his   Italianate Lake Scene with Waterfall.
If you've time when you're in Oxford do visit this Museum - it's world class and no mistake. 
You should visit this
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