Tuesday, October 27, 2015

More (Science) from Oxford and Book Depository comes through

Sometimes as we get older our experiences enable us to see something of the bigger picture, part of that I suppose is some understanding of history and the connections that have propelled us forward with new perspectives revealed as knowledge is assimilated.

Oxford is undoubtedly significant in England and the discoveries made there are part of a story of history that is wedded to progress, so it was that I was particularly taken with the  Museum of the History of Science in Oxford.

What was particularly interesting at this museum was the display about Harry (Henry) Moseley who was tragically killed in Turkey in World War One one hundred years ago - Moseley who had studied under Rutherford was an Oxford graduate  whose research revealed that the Periodic Table of elements was based on the relationship of the makeup  of the atomic structure of the elements.

He volunteered in the war and his life was taken at only 27 , a tragic loss for family and science-who knows what he might have gone to do in a longer professional career.
Almost Wright (of Derby)

Other artefacts that attracted my eyes included early Marconi radio apparatus and materials from the history of photography.

The great thing about the museum is that the setting for the displays is so appropriate - it feels like the laboratory where 18th and 19th century discoveries were made.

Old skeletons of humans and Dogs have been unearthed there and there's even  a bell jar that could have come from a Wright of Derby painting (he's a favourite 'enlightenment' artist of mine).

In terms of more recent history there's a blackboard that Einstein wrote on during an Oxford visit and it felt quite special to see that item which one of sciences'' most important figures had used.

Book Depository

Pleased to report that although Amazon itself failed to supply (twice) on  the 20th Century Design book by Judith Miller a UK company owned by them, Book Depository has delivered - if you're having trouble with a particular publication give them a go.

Worth the wait- Book Depository comes up trumps with Judith Miller on 20th Century Design 
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