Friday, October 09, 2015

Pop Art at Tate Modern And respect to Ealing McDonalds

Extension emerging
It's a surprisingly long time since I visited Tate Modern and the visit I made this week was on the brief-ish side looking only at 'The World Goes Pop' (nice name for an exhibition).

Change is in the air and the Tate Modern extension opening next year is clearly moving along to completion and there are also new apartments under construction.

It seems to me that Tate Modern will need to make itself more relevant and exciting too -there are so many galleries in London that are (to me) offering the new and innovative  that Tate should  be careful to retain its edge.
well it went Pop didn't it?

The World goes.. is perhaps a little safe too reminiscent of the recent Saatchi show it covers what I would say is Après Pop from around the world (this showing perhaps the wave of pop as it moved out from the USA and the UK) -the show as interesting in many respects but not an exhibition that will set the world on fire

Highlights for me of the show included Ruth Franken's challenging Man Chair, the analytic Kennedy and Khrushchev silhouettes  by Sergio Lombardo also liked the works that confronted the difficult times in countries such as Spain like The Punishment by Rafael Canogar.

Well Done Mackies

I've been meaning to mention this for some time now I was in McDonald's a few months back (yes doesn't do my rep' too much good) and a woman on hard times was trying to get some money from punters by the time she was served shew had some money but not enough - the server/manager took what she offered and fulfilled he order - seems to me people can be incredibly compassionate and not make a big song and dance about it (and we can all think of how this might shame us).

[And this is not the only example of McDonald's staff acting far beyond the expectation we have of them]
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