Thursday, October 08, 2015

Pleasure at the Design Museum

Yesterday my first opportunities to share with visitors what I've found out about the life on Foot Exhibition and I really did find it a good experience.

The requirement to make a tour is a good way to find out about the subject and after a couple of run throughs, I'm now quite comfortable with my material and the geography of the tour - small groups but this I prefer as interactivity is possible and adjustments can be made for the makeup of those participating.

[October 25th is the patron Saint of shoemaker's Saint's day - St Crispin]

The Vamp -A gift to me from me
It's a mistake to consider such events as a one-way street I got some nice insights from those I met including the following insight , which is probably quite obvious to many already.

Great books at the Gift Shop

When speaking with a visitor from the Isle of Wight about the EY Pop art at the Tate he mentioned how such accessible art was a gateway for him into Art - looking at it objectively the same is certainly true for me and via Popart, Art itself  it is now a fascination for me  and works I see make me want to go beyond the surface and increase my own  understanding (generally).

The staff and visitors at the Museum are  always really nice and send a great message out for London as being a City where creative people can flourish harmoniously and share.
Don't forget your hat

Ono of the other pleasures of the Design Museum is the Gift shop there are a good selection of books, as well as 'Objet' and it was  where I yesterday bought a Vamp, a blue-tooth device that allows you to get good audio to a speaker from a tablet or other mobile device - there's even a possibility of getting a more or less free pre-used loudspeaker to go with it.

Currently as well as Life on Foot exhibitions of 'Artists in Residence' and Designs of the Year are worth spending some time in - Liked the slightly odd Artist in residence Alexa Pollmann's items about dress (Indivicracy).
A perceptive eye?

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