Thursday, October 29, 2015

Looking at clouds and signs

One of the benefits of studying (or generally taking an interest in) a topic is  that one becomes more engaged and 'tuned' to the subject under consideration- imagine the dividends if the topic is something like Art or Design.

Nick Pearson (of OPEN Ealing) on Tuesday stood up for (amongst others) the British landscape artist Constable, he might be decried now as the go-to guy for biscuit tines and the like but when his work (Flatford Mill)  was displayed in Paris in 1824 it created a stir - it was honest grounded and without sentimentality - it was how farming and rural life was at the time it did not seek to represent s bucolic idyll but the  reality of what was at the time contemporary country life in Anglia.
London Clouds

So it was with many British and European  artists that his subject matter and ambitions were shared artists such as Turner.

Odd to find that in fact  Turner and Constable (Turner born in  1775 in London, Constable a year later in Suffolk)  were  around at the same time and that there was a degree of enmity between them.

 I have noticed subsequently from consideration of these English artists is the grandeur in clouds in the sky in London- why do we so often ignore the majesty and drama they impart?

[Also mentioned was the new (to me) sensible shoe wearing French realist painter Rosa Bonheur -she worked in the 19th century and her finesse and subject matter really makes her stand out - hoping to see her one of her paintings (actually has two artists credited)  in the National Gallery, London soon.]

A tribute to Turner or Constable?

And Design

As it is with art so it is with Design, yesterday was the last opportunity I had to show visitors there some of my personal highlights from the 'Life on Foot Tour (it finishes at the end of the month) again it was a pleasure , with UK residents and visitors from the USA and Turkey engaging in the tour topic.

I have felt even more than in the Collection Lab tour that I have helped people into the experience and it has given me a cause to reflect on how badly Museums often immerse people in their exhibitions like novice swimmers without those inflatable armbands.

Well I noticed again the 50 year celebration of UK street signs at The Museum - signs reimagined by artists item, these are  dotted around - here's one by   Margaret Calvert (2008) who was so important in the modern street furniture character set.
Women at work

And a 'regular' sign nearby

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