Monday, October 05, 2015

Philosophers of Ealing Despair but Open Ealing's Art History continues

A nice Pizzeria for example
Still plenty of things to be happy about in this part of West London but sad to learn today that the Philosophy for Everyone course run under Ealing Council auspices has been cancelled -they say due to lack of demand/interest.

OPEN Ealing seems to be able to run their courses with quite low numbers of participants (sometimes) and I find the standard and enthusiasm really infectious - last week was intrigued to hear something of the story around Raphael's  School of Athens - it's one of my favourite pictures, I think in terms of content it's almost 'Post Modern' even before we'd had modernism (and Guns 'n' Roses used it as theme for one of their album covers) - having heard the lecture last week I  found a very good BBC Documentary on the artist (A Mortal God) on YouTube -it also fitted well with Brian Eno's thoughts around artists in the same time and space spurring developments.

Lovely colours now
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