Saturday, October 10, 2015

Ealing Gazette goes Pun-tastic over my latest Picture of the Week

As I've shared many times my delight over seeing a photograph I've taken being published in the local paper you won't be too surprised to hear of this happening again (second week running).

In hindsight realise my own words could be interpreted as a dig at French visitors but not sure that the Toad in the hole line is too  much better - i'd offered ..

Please find attached a photograph  for the Picture of the Week, it shows a Frog hidden near a courgette plant

We know that local Ealing wildlife includes plenty of Squirrels and Foxes but if you look carefully you'll see  part of the local Frog community hiding camouflaged amongst my West London vegetables.
Here it is anyway
A Frog visits and retains limbs
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