Wednesday, October 07, 2015

The Allotment and Another Picture of the week

The late summer seems to have come to an end and hopes of  ripened Sweetcorn, Peppers and Aubergines have come crashing down (Ahh!)- fortunately I have been able to lift potatoes and the last ones I harvested were some of the best I've had of late.
some nice spuds

Looking back on the growing season - I've been pleased with soft fruit this year, Grapes in particular have surprised me having said that Strawberry bed needs attention for next year.
Greenhouse - Under utilised?

I hope also in 2016 to make better use of the greenhouse and cold frames- still it's a great asset and very happy to continue with the plot.

Another Ealing Gazette Picture of the Week

Still find it pleasing to see my pictures used in the local paper - it's particularly nice to see one there when I'm not expecting it as was the case this week.

The shot of the Travelling cinema was included with little detail about the continuing blight that the of undeveloped site opposite the town hall with the old Cinema façade much in evidence.

 I'm not sure on the editorial side as to me this was a news story that the paper didn't cover - anyway I will continue to offer up photo's that I think might add to the papers pictorial variety.

The story is 'Why doesn't Ealing have a proper cinema?'
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